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Spotlight: Northwest Dyno Circuit


Q: For people who don’t know what the NWDC is, give me the elevator pitch… What details would you like me to share with our readership?

A: The Northwest Dyno Circuit is a company that specializes in producing Dyno events. We travel all over the country helping people put on events.

Q: You guys have single-handedly created a new form of diesel motorsports very quickly. What has been the key to your continued success?

A: Our main success is all of our amazing sponsors and event hosts who support what we do. In our region, a dyno event has been a normal thing for over 10 years. It was when we decided to make it an official sport that excelled the excitement.

Q: Where do you see NWDC in five years?

A: Our goal is to provide consistency to a sport that has been around for a while, but had no organization to set a standard. We hope to expand our services to the east coast by joining forces with many more great companies.

Q: You’ve owned two SuperFlow SF-849 chassis dynos now. What do you think are its best features?

A: The dyno as a whole. I’ve told SuperFlow plenty of times that they build these dynos too well! In the 12 years that we’ve had a SuperFlow dyno, we’ve only had them serviced maybe three times! Not to mention ours are mobile — these are not meant to be mobile, but stand up to the challenge perfectly!

Q: As an experienced dyno user, what aspects of the dyno and dyno company are most important to you?

A: Communication. With what we do, communication is key, and SuperFlow has always gone above and beyond with what they provide.

Q: What’s the most horsepower you’ve seen so far on the dyno?

A: On our newest dyno we have a Cummins that currently holds the diesel HP world record of 2400hp!

Q: Anything else you’d like to share about the dyno?

A: We’ve worked with plenty of dynos in our years of service. I can honestly tell you that if you want quality and something that you can depend on, then SuperFlow is what you want.


Watch How to Run a Timed Acceleration Test on a SuperFlow Chassis Dyno

Get a quick video lesson on the steps to run a timed acceleration test on a SuperFlow Chassis Dyno. Mike Giles of SuperFlow provides a walk-through of the process.

Click here to watch
How to Run a Timed Acceleration Test on a SuperFlow Chassis Dyno


Want to know more about SuperFlow Chassis Dynos?

Making Money with your SuperFlow Chassis Dynamometer

MakingMoney_ChassisDynoSuperFlow dynamometers are consistently listed as the most profitable pieces of equipment in modern performance shops. There is no other tool than a SuperFlow dyno that you can build a complete performance business around. Tuners, engine builders, race teams and aftermarket parts suppliers everywhere choose SuperFlow, in fact when you look you’ll find that SuperFlow dynos are the best kept secret in the market. Many of the biggest names in automotive performance already use SuperFlow dynamometers and have for quite some time. Want some references? Call us at 800.471.7701 or fill out our quick Contact Us form and we’d be happy to provide some in your area.

Click here to download an investment worksheet to calculate your return on investment: Making Money with your SuperFlow Chassis Dynamometer

This return on investment workbook is designed to give you more than just numbers; it is designed to give you the information you need to make a SuperFlow chassis dynamometer a profitable tool for your business. Consider the ideas in this book a starting place to build a successful business plan around your new SuperFlow chassis dynamometer.

Many shop owners biggest fear in purchasing a dyno is the impact it may have on other parts of their business. If implemented correctly, a chassis dyno will enhance and stimulate other areas of the business. While the primary focus of this workbook is about generating revenue with your SuperFlow chassis dyno it is important to note that a SuperFlow dyno is a tool that can separate your company from others and in doing so generate income in a variety of ways. These include saving money, increasing shop credibility, eliminating come-backs, increasing part sales, attracting new customers, retaining existing customers and increasing individual purchase amounts with the ability to immediately quantify the improvements being made.

We’ve taken our 40+ plus years of experience building accurate and repeatable dynamometers and combined it with great ideas shared with us by customers to generate a guide that will help you find opportunity to generate income with a SuperFlow chassis dyno. If you think an idea presented in this downloadable investment workbook will work for your shop, simply add that amount in the space provided. At the end of the workbook you’ll quickly see that the monthly payment is covered in only a few dyno sessions which leaves the rest of the month available to add money to your bottom line. Keep in mind a well utilized SuperFlow chassis dyno will pay for itself in 24 months or less.

Click here to download an investment worksheet to calculate your return on investment: Making Money with your SuperFlow Chassis Dynamometer

This investment workbook offer several ideas on how to generate income with your SuperFlow dyno and how to estimate the return you’ll get from those activities. We recommend first downloading the investment workbook PDF, then calling your SuperFlow sales engineer at 1.800.471.7701 to discuss your application and to get a price estimate on the particular model of SuperFlow chassis dyno that you need. This number will help you complete the worksheets and get an accurate idea of just how much money a SuperFlow chassis dyno can generate for you each month.

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Why the Racing Industry Uses SuperFlow Chassis Dynos

Every Sprint Cup Series, XFINITY Series and Truck Series racecar that leaves Richard Childress Racing (RCR) today, runs across an 849 SuperFlow chassis dyno. Why? Our dynamometers are designed to handle the horsepower of high performance racing vehicles. RCR estimates having made more than 10,000 pulls on their dyno since owning it.

Using the SuperFlow Chassis Dyno for Racecars

SuperFlow builds products that meet and exceed the needs of the racing industry. With higher horsepower vehicles, more traction is required on the dynamometer. The larger the roller used on the dyno, the larger the contact patch available for the racecar being tested to get traction. By mounting the eddy currents on a differential instead of directly to the end of the roll, we are able to spin the eddy currents to their peak absorption capacity at a lower speed than competing models – meaning the SuperFlow chassis dynos are well suited for high torque applications. Add in SuperFlow’s WinDyn data acquisition system, which is equipped to handle the data acquisitions requirements of the most demanding race teams and is expandable so it can grow as needs change, and you have the ultimate dyno system.

In addition to RCR, Kroyer Racing Engines utilizes the SuperFlow chassis dyno to prove new engine builds as part of the complete system. They use their chassis dyno to find weak links in the Off Road truck drivelines, used in trucks that race and win the Baja 1000, SCORE and other off-road truck racing divisions. Kroyer engines are among the best in off-road racing – their drivelines are bullet proof, which is a requirement to be successful in this venue, because there are not many other types of racing more demanding of the vehicle.

So what advantage can race teams like RCR and Kroyer gain from using a SuperFlow chassis dyno? They can test the race engines they develop as part of the complete vehicle system. They can also test different driveline components and setups to understand what has the least frictional and rolling losses, and as a result, what transfers the most horsepower made by the engine to the track.

The AutoDyn Chassis Dyno is unrivaled in the marketplace

Interested in a Chassis Dyno?

The 849 Chassis Dyno is SuperFlow’s highest capacity two wheel drive chassis dyno and it offers the widest application range. This is the ideal dyno for a racecar team. However, our recommendation is to first call and talk to our sales engineers. They’ll ask you several questions, such as what the data acquisition requirements are for oil, water and other temperatures, to make sure the recommended model will meet your testing goals. The SuperFlow team will put together a final recommendation for you. Remember that our sales engineers also consult and can provide drawings and recommendations on test cell design and construction. Always remember that a good test cell is the key to repeatable testing. They can also work with contractors if a third party will be constructing the test cell, to make sure the finished product is successful.

Race teams interested in a live demo can visit our facility in Des Moines, IA. There’s also the option to visit regional customer sites. Are you ready to talk to an expert or see a demo of the SuperFlow chassis dyno?

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